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Magento ecommerce development

  • Processes and requirements analysis
  • Wireframing & design
  • Custom extensions development
  • Scalable architecture design
  • Third party integration (CRM, search engines, BI, ERP, WMS etc.)
  • Multichannel and omnichannel strategy

Performance and scalability

  • Application and infrastructural assessment
  • Theme review 
  • Modules review, core hacks hunting
  • Code refactoring and improvement
  • Architectural support
  • External services analysis and planning (caching, load balancing, CDN etc.)


  • Backend development: best practices, extension development, native functionality enhancement
  • Frontend development: best practices, custom theme development, css frameworks
  • Store management: Magento basic management principles, catalog management, pre and post sales activities
  • Both on-site and classroom based courses


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