We bring efficiency
in (e)commerce projects

Through process optimization and a pragmatic and innovative approach to technology, we focus on bringing efficiency into medium and large B2C and B2B e-commerce projects.
We work with some of the most important Italian and worldwide brands and retailers in different industries: from fashion to food, high tech to mass-market retailers.

The main solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We build high availability scalable infrastructures. Thanks to AWS services, we can promptly react to traffic peaks that can be generated by sudden and unexpected events.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

When the project context allows it, we prefer to adopt headless frontend development applying the PWA principles to obtain a fluid and immediate User Experience.

Magento Commerce

The platform we have been working on for the longest, on which we gained over ten years of experience. It is a mature platform capable of sustaining efficiently, both large and very large-sized projects.

Shopify Plus

It is an efficient and extremely scalable choice above all for the enterprise market, one of the most innovative and futuristic SAAS alternatives to big on-premise platforms.


It is a high-potential on-premise alternative to Magento, both for the B2B and for the B2C market. Compared to the other mentioned platforms, we are less experienced in this environment, but we started a structured learning process, and we already achieved the first certifications.

Custom-developed solutions

The e-commerce platform has moved from being the star point of a company digitalization process to being one of the interconnected elements in a more complex environment. To sustain this requirement, we often rely on personalized development for our customers, both to orchestrate communication between different systems and to obtain vertical solutions to specific needs


We are a distributed company, and we have chosen to fully embrace that way of work to improves our productivity and helps us find the better work/life balance. It also allows us to free ourselves from the geographical limits finding new colleagues .

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We are always open to new challenging ideas to bring to life and in search of talented people to hire!
Please contact us at info@bitbull.it

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